The STL Liberty Lacrosse program is directed by David DiPasquale, head coach at Pattonville High School, Kathy Shortelle, east coast consultant, Dr. Judy Anderson, USA Lacrosse St. Louis Chapter Vice President - Women's Game, Bob Panke, head coach at Fort Zumwalt United Lacrosse Club, Patrick Honig, board member for CBC Lacrosse, and Jennifer Surlet, program administrator.  All drills, practices, and games are coached by former and current collegiate level players.

David Dipasquale

  • Defender at University of Dayton in late 1980s
  • Head coach Women’s Lacrosse at University of Dayton
  • Head coach Barat Academy 2008-2014
  • Head coach Pattonville High School 2015-present
  • Has coached STL Liberty Lacrosse since Summer 2015

Judith Anderson, PHD

  • Head coach Ursuline Academy 1999-2014
  • Michael P. Sennett Award recipient 2011
  • MO Lacrosse Hall of Fame- inducted 2012

Kathy Shortelle "Shorty"

  • Key figure in starting women’s lacrosse in Saint Louis
  • Head coach at MICDS 2000-2014
  • Won numerous state championships
  • 1st woman inducted into the MO Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2005
  • Head Coach Barat Academy and MO22
  • Liberty East Coast Consultant

Bob Panke

  • Played at US Air Force Academy from 1961-1965
  • Assistant varsity, head JV, and head freshmen coach at Ladue High School 2009-2011
  • Assistant varsity, head JV, and head freshmen coach at Clayton High School 2012-2014
  • Head coach of Incarnate Word Academy 2015-2020
  • Director and head coach of FZU Lacrosse Club 2021
  • Board member on STL Chapter of US Lacrosse
  • US Lacrosse Missouri Chapter “Person of the Year” Award 2013
  • US Lacrosse Missouri Chapter “Women’s Division Commitment Award” 2014
  • US Lacrosse Missouri Chapter “Michael P. Sennett Service Award” 2018
  • Has a US Lacrosse National Level 3 Girl’s Coaching Certificate
  • Certification in US Lacrosse Girls Umpiring
  • Has coached with Liberty since Summer 2015

Patrick Honig

  • Defender at University of Missouri Columbia in the mid 1980’s
  • Head coach Women’s Lacrosse team at Mehlville High School 2011-2014
  • Head Coach Notre Dame Academy 2012-2013
  • CBC Lacrosse Board Member since 2018
  • Fox warriors Assistant Coach 2019
  • Has coached STL Liberty Lacrosse since Fall 2017

Jen Surlet

  • Pattonville High School Lacrosse Administrative Liaison 2017- Present  
  • Program Administrator with Fort Zumwalt United Lacrosse Club 2021
  • Program Administrator with STL Liberty Lacrosse Club 2017- Present