Mission Statement

The STL Liberty Lacrosse Club is composed of serious lacrosse players who demonstrate great promise, who desire to improve their playing skills and techniques and are committed to the sport of lacrosse. This club provides an affordable option for out of season lacrosse experience. STL Liberty strives to develop character and build the confidence of its members through an instructional and supportive team environment. Active participation on a competitive team, combined with an established coaching staff will provide both college exposure and development of lifetime skills such as leadership, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Our game will be embedded with integrity, hard work, intelligence, and passion.

Time Commitment

Team practices are held twice a week in June and July. The summer tournament season runs through July and includes at least two regional tournaments per team. The fall season also consists of one or two regional tournaments. Participation in all practices and tournaments is an expectation as they are essential to the recruitment process.

Selection Criteria

Players are selected for invitation into the club based on their potential for improvement, coachability, athleticism, skill level, understanding of the game and dedication to the sport. This program is a competitive one, and membership invitations are extended for a single season. All players are evaluated at the beginning and end of each season.